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Edge-Welded Bellows

Advanced engineering and design capabilities allow MS Bellows to manufacture edge welded bellows for a variety of critical reliability applications.

Using the latest manufacturing techniques and stringent process control, zero defect quality is maintained at a competitive price.

Our experienced engineering staff is always available to provide design assistance and recommendations.


  • Long Stroking Capability Per Unit Length of Bellows
  • Short Compressed Length
  • Long Fatigue Life Under Rigorous Operating Conditions
  • High Volumetric Displacement Efficiencies for Tight Space Package Envelopes
  • Excellent Operating Capacities in High Pressure and High Temperature Environments
  • All-Welded Construction
  • Excellent In-Service Corrosion Resistance
  • Leak Tight to Helium Mass Spectrometer Requirements
  • Large Sizes Available
  • Materials and diaphragm profiles are available for a wide variety of applications

Nickel-Plated Bellows

The need for greater precision in mechanical components has led to the development of high tensile properties in deposition alloys for use as a bellows material.

The MS-Deposition process produces a high density, high strength alloy with excellent spring properties.

Ideal for demanding bellows applications, plated bellows permit a wide design latitude due to a variety of flexible configurations.

Each bellows is engineered and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

MS Bellows continues to be at the leading edge of deposited bellows technology.


  • Extremely small sizes can be fabricated by the MS-Deposition process. Bellows can be produced with O.D.s as small as .040 for miniature applications.
  • Very fine sensitivities can be achieved for accurate instrument applications due to low spring rates and wall thicknesses as thin as .0003.
  • High strength material allows for low hysteresis and maximum deflection applications.
  • Long life in touch conditions.
  • Constant effective area maintained through operating conditions.
  • Uniform wall thickness and plating resolution yields controlled low tolerance and consistent spring rates.
  • Proper convolution design tailors force-deflection characteristics to the specific application.
  • Non-standard plated bellows can be produced with minimal lead time in a cost effective manner.
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