MS Bellows combines computer aided engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, and over 25 years of bellows experience to provide viable design solutions for your specific bellows application.

For applications requiring extremely reliable bellows,
MS Bellows will provide:

Highly accurate and detailed engineering drawings to support your designers in overall envelope requirements from piece-part components to assembly layouts.

Mechanical design form and functional properties optimized to meet your exact design requirement.

Expertise in diverse assembly techniques to facilitate the integration of a bellows into your system.

  • Standard Sizes From .040" to 4" O.D.
  • Short Run Prototype and Large Scale Production Capabilities
  • Diverse Application Range Includes:

    • Pressure & Temperature Sensors
    • Flexible Shaft Couplings
    • Mechanical Seals

First element stress analysis of a .090" diameter nickel-deposited bellows under 6,100 psi pressure loading. Bellows design and production by MS Bellows.

Consult Our Engineering Staff Regarding Your Specific Application Requirement.

Contact Information :

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Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Tel. (714) 898-5602
Fax (714) 893-2910

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